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This site is the community for people that fear, are disgusted by, and generally dislike butterflies (and moths). While there is no official name for the phobia of butterflies, it has been linked to Mottephobia (Fear of Moths), or a name such as Lepidopterophobia (based on Lepidopterans - the order of insects including butterflies, moths, etc.).

In this community, you will be able to share stories of horrific butterfly-filled and moth-loaded events in your life with others who feel the same way about this fear, and not feel that you are the only one. You aren't! Sign up for the forums today and get to know your community.

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Hey everyone
Yes, it’s been a long time since you’ve seen a news update, but here it is. There is now an official Facebook page. I would love your support!


EDIT: we got a username! No “i” though, someone already had it.

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